Sound Immersion


Sound Immersions or Gong Baths are an opportunity to experience complete immersion in a rich pool of vibration, that calms the mind and clears the body's energetic field. 



Self-care is not an indulgence--it is a gift we give not only to ourselves but to everyone around us. It is well-accepted that over 95% of disease is caused or exacerbated by stress, which makes taking steps to reduce the stressors that we can  all the more imperative.  Imagine if we could not only reduce our stress levels and feel more at ease in our lives, but also become beacons of alignment and calm for those with whom we interact daily.  This is absolutely possible, but requires actively taking steps to support oneself and to align our habits and lifestyle to something that enhances vitality and an innate joy of living.

OhmWorks, Acutonics® self-care protocols, comprises short protocols utilizing a few powerful acu-points to great effect.  A study done on a high-stress population found that there was universal response to the regular use of the tuning forks and the effects were a reduction of stress, reduction of chronic pain, an increase in ability to adapt and cope with stressful situations at work, an increased sense of adaptability and flexibility, and improved sleep.

Self-care day-long workshops are held near Salisbury, and incorporate OhmWorks® with other modalities that contribute to self-care such as yoga, meditation, massage, nutrition, breathing and simple processing techniques. 


make a singing bowl

Master bowl maker Ton Akkermans, a gifted blacksmith from Holland, and dancer and energy worker Carolina Schomper, will be reviving the ancient Himalayan art of singing bowl making in a four day workshop in July 2018.

Join us to make your own personal singing bowl:

  • Explore the inner terrain of working with intention and meeting yourself and you create your own singing bowl. This is a meditative process. 
  • Engage with the physical skills of working with brass - cutting and filing, firing in the forge, and pouring and polishing your bowl to completion. Everyone ends up with a jewel of  bowl. 
  • Enjoy the humour and camaraderie of your fellow bowl makers.